I Just Can’t Stop Watching This Video

Going downhill flipping

I seriously can’t stop watching this video. Related Posts:Amazing Photos of Snowflakes UpcloseCelebrities and Their Incredible Look Alikes From the Past

Old Man Dancing – Amazing

Old man dancing

You’re never too old to dance and get your grove on. Check out this young man at heart who loves to dance. Related Posts:Easter Bunny Photo’s That You’ll Never Forget!Signs That You’ve Watched Frozen Too Many TimesWhat Life is Like Becoming a Mother!My Reaction As a Mormon, Father, EFY CounselorThe Top 25 Mormon Memes on [...]

Emma Smith and Her Song That You Will Never Forget


Every year around this time as we start to celebrate the Pioneers and talk and sing about the Pioneers in church, one person always comes to my mind. Emma Smith. I have such a love and respect for her. Emma was disowned by her father when she married Joseph, she gave birth to 6 children [...]

A High School Mistake That Most Adults Continue to Make


Perspective The youth sometimes correctly, sometimes incorrectly get labeled as being over dramatic with their personal issues. They’re always told by their parents or other adults that “Once you get older you’ll realize how unimportant the things that you are freaking out about really are and you’ll start to get perspective on what truly matters [...]

LDS Youth Flash Mob

LDS Youth Flash Mob

LDS Youth Okay, this is so cute!! These LDS youth are awesome, I wonder how many of these guys are members of our LDS Smile Youth page!!? I absolutely love hearing these amazing young people that have such strong testimonies even in a world that makes it so hard to stand up for what you [...]

Clayton Christensen on His Mormon Faith and Mortality

clayton Christensen

Clayton Christensen CLAYTON CHRISTENSEN’S BOOK, How Will You Measure Your Life? (2012; with James Allworth and Karen Dillon), focuses on values and offers its readers guidance in aligning their choices, professional and otherwise, with the things that genuinely matter to them. He does as much in his own life, which enables him to live in a way [...]

The End of The Mormon Moment? Nope, It’s Just Beginning

The end of the mormon moment

The Mormon Moment So recently there have been several articles talking about “The End of the Mormon Moment”, most recently an article in the NY Times by the same title “The End of the Mormon Moment”.  In these articles, many claim that the excommunication of Kate Kelly and the Ordain Women movement has driven the final [...]

Best Mormon Memes On the Internet


Mormon Memes Thanks to Mormon Memes, BYU Memes, Prepare to Serve, LDS Mission Tees and of course, our great readers at LDS SMILE for all of their contributions.                                                       [...]

“I Wanna Quit!”


Editor’s Note: A great piece written by Erika on her blog and hopefully will help those parents who might be finding themselves in a similar position.  We have all heard this statement before right? As a first time mom, I am obsessed with Parent Magazine. As I was flipping through the August issue, I came across an [...]

What Happens When the World Turns Dark?

Cassidy Stay families can be together forever

Many of us have heard about the tragic events that occurred in Texas with the Stay family. 6 of the the 7 family members were killed leaving only the oldest daughter (15) still alive (for those who wish to donate to the Cassidy Stay Fund, you can donate here). It’s a terrible, cowardly act of [...]

Things that Only Mormons Will Understand

When we spend hours on our pinewood derby cars just to realize that it is still over the weight limit

How we feel when we mess up on the Sacrament Prayer   How we feel when we are the only LDS member at school and we are trying to stand up for what is right.     Our reaction when the youth in the other ward are doing something much more fun than us   [...]

Harry Potter is Back – J.K. Rowling to Publish New Harry Potter Story

harry potter

Harry Potter is back! It’s been about seven years since J.K. Rowling published the final book in her seven-part series.  Well apparently seven years is enough time for her to write a new story for our beloved boy wizard in a new story published to her website, Pottermore. The post centers around the reunion of Harry Potter and [...]

22 Inspirational Quotes Just for the Youth


Inspirational Quotes                                                               Related Posts:Believing ChristAn Easter Gift to the WorldThe Greatness All Around UsYou Are 100% Responsible for All of Your Successes and Failures [...]

Things You Understand If You Attend Relief Society

Relief Society

Our Reaction When the Nursery Leader Brings in Our Baby. When the Teacher Shares A Touching Story. When a Young Women Turns 18 and Joins Relief Society. How You Feel When Your Baby Starts Fussing. How Everyone Else Feels. When Someone Shares a Funny Story About Being a Mom. When The Next Craft Night is [...]

Awesome Food For Your July 4th BBQ!


If you are heading to a BBQ tonight or tomorrow make sure to take some awesome food and not just a boring bag of potato chips! Here are some ideas along with the recipes so you can make them. The best hamburger recipe (with secret sauce)   BBQ Chicken Dip   Awesome Hot Dog display! [...]

Our Reaction to Notable Church Announcements


When They Lowered the Missionary Age for Young Women. When they lowered the missionary age for young men.   How the Missionary Department Reacted to the News     When President Hinckley Announced that We Would Build 100 Temples By the End of 2000     How the Department Responsible for Building Those Temple Reacted [...]

The Strength of Our Position


I feel that so many times we play defense as members, always having to justify our “strange” beliefs or a particular piece of doctrine or statement made by a church leader 100 years ago.  At times it seems as if we are being attacked by all sides by those who have left the church and [...]

Take a Seat- Make a Friend


One of my favorite things to do in life is meet new people. In the Church, we always talk about fellow shipping and sharing the gospel but it can be scary to just go out and start talking to strangers. Here is a video to show how it’s done! These people show us how complete [...]