LDS Conference Fly Has Nothing on This!!!


First there was this guy… And if you thought that was bad… Related Posts:9 Reasons You Should Be Afraid of Mormons18 LDS Memes and Photos that Broke the InternetIf You’re Mormon, You’ll Understand9 Things Single People Are Tired of Hearing13 Reasons Why You Should Love Mormons

9 Reasons You Should Be Afraid of Mormons


1 – We will waste you on the basketball court 2- If you have an allergy to jello or casseroles h/t Kimberlie Sullivan 3- We dominate at board games 4- We are taking over Pinterest 5- We’re awesome at making parody videos 6- We love to go on and on and on about our missions. 7- [...]

18 LDS Memes and Photos that Broke the Internet


Snoop with the Missionaries     That Awkward Moment     Can’t Get Much Cooler than These Guys     Avengers Meets Elder Holland     An Amazing Love Story     Best Comeback Ever     Steve Martin Sighting at Conference     First Sighting of David Archuleta After He Went on His Mission [...]

The 9 Most Overlooked Threats to a Marriage


  I feel bad for marital communication, because it gets blamed for everything. For generations, in survey after survey, couples have rated marital communication as the number one problem in marriage. It’s not. Marital communication is getting a bad rap. It’s like the kid who fights back on the playground. The playground supervisors hear a [...]

If You’re Mormon, You’ll Understand

When you get any kind of treat package on your mission

 When we found out that the Sesame Street Muppets will be headlining the annual Christmas concert. When we try to read our scriptures on our phones at night. When our best friend mentions us when they bear their testimonies    When the Elder Quorum Gets together for a Planning Meeting.    Seeing a cute idea for [...]

When the Primary Program Goes Hilariously Wrong


It’s one of the most looked to programs during Sacrament meeting, the Primary Program. You see sweet little kids go up and sing and give talks in their adorable little voices. If you’ve been lucky enough to have experienced when a Primary Program goes wrong, you know how funny it can be. If not, here [...]

Temple Garments


From ancient times, men and women have embraced sacred music, different forms of prayer, religious vestments full of symbolism, gestures and rituals to express their innermost feelings of devotion to God. The variety of these forms of expression is as wide and diverse as the human family. Yet all have the same ultimate purpose: to [...]

9 Things Single People Are Tired of Hearing


Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that the advice isn’t good from well meaning family members/friends but more the fact that singles have already heard these statements a thousand times already from a thousand individuals.  It’s the constant badgering that’s annoying.  Though I no longer fall into this category, I still remember the questions/statements I [...]

An Atheist’s Response to the First 31 pages of the Book of Mormon


Editor’s Note: This excerpt was found on Dear Miss Mormon and the full article can be found at the bottom of article To [Miss Mormon], I hope the following helps to keep you motivated and inspired. I hope it is confirmation that Mormon beliefs are justifiable, and deserve to be respected alongside other Christian denominations: [...]

13 Reasons Why You Should Love Mormons


We brought you the television Provided 4,498,617 hours of welfare service projects in 140 countries last year Invented the electric guitar Brought the world hearing aids We’ve pretty much done everyone’s genealogy for them. We made Jeopardy relevant again. We can take a little jab and turn it around to work for us. We helped [...]

Scary Photobombs

Scary Photo Bombs (1)

We love Halloween at our house! We’ve been decorating, making scary treats, and watching spooky (and of course, kid appropriate) Halloween shows. So in honor of one of my favorite holidays, here are some scary photo bombs that are guaranteed to give you the creeps!! (Some of them you have to look closely.)     [...]

9 Pet Peeves That Mormons Have

10 pet peeves every mormon has 1

1.  Being asked “How many wives do you have?”     2.  Being asked if we have horns (seriously people, are we living in the 1500′s?)     3.  Being asked “Why we worship Joseph Smith?”   4.  Being asked “Why do you guys hate the Bible?”   5.  Being told it must “suck being [...]

9 Reasons You Should Be Afraid of Mormons

mormon missionary basketball

Yesterday we posted an excerpt that talked about 9 Reasons to Stop Being Afraid of Mormons. Well today we wanted to share a little piece of some reasons why you should be afraid of Mormons. 1 – We will waste you on the basketball court 2- If you have an allergy to jello or casseroles [...]

9 Reasons to Stop Being Afraid of Mormons


In case you haven’t noticed by now, I’ve been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon is not the official name of the church, but it’s the one most people are familiar with) since 2007. Yep, I’m a Mormon! Woohoo! In honor of the release of the awesome new [...]

“All About that Book” – Mormon Parody of “All About that Bass”


This parody performed by Sister-Annalese Lammi and Sister Nicole Guilott is seriously amazing! Well done sisters!!! As stated by the sisters “The Book of Mormon really is the ‘BOM!’ It is another testament of Jesus Christ, and a record of Christ’s teachings to the people in the ancient America’s. My companion, Sister , and I [...]

If You’re a Mormon, You’ll Understand. It’s a Mormon Thing.

If you're a mormon you'll understand (8)

There are just some situations that really only Mormons (or those that know us) can really understand.  Without any further delay here are just some things that only Mormons will understand. When our visiting teachers calls to tell us they are on their way and the house is a mess When people tell us that [...]

Mormon Missionary Holding His Own Break Dancing

Mormon missionary break dancing

Mormon Missionary Break Dancing Check out these mad skills that Elder Garcia busted out on the mission. Pretty impressive. Related Posts:“All About that Book” – Mormon Parody of “All About that Bass”Life as a Missionary vs Life as a FetusIf You’re Mormon, You’ll UnderstandWhen the Primary Program Goes Hilariously Wrong9 Things Single People Are Tired [...]

You Might Be Mormon If…

you might be mormon if (7)

You Might Be Mormon If   Thanks to Only In Utah for their contribution to these photos.     You live here     Or drive this…       Or have this posted on the back of your car       Have this in your front yard       Use “oh my [...]