It’s a Mormon Thing

trying to read isaiah

Things that if you’re a Mormon, you’ll understand How we feel reading the Book of Isaiah     How we feel driving by the San Diego Temple on the freeway.     The difference between the YM and YW when one of the boys gets hurt at mutual.     When we see our BFF [...]

LDS Missonary Nearly Killed but Survived

lds missionary nearly killed

(KUTV) A young man who shattered his face and tore up his body in a deadly car accident on his LDS mission is making a remarkable recovery. Brandon Lewis, 19, from the small Summit County town of Francis, was in the back of a pick-up truck in Central America with his companion when it flipped. [...]

How I Lost 40 Pounds Living the Word of Wisdom

word of wisdom helped me to lose 40 lbs

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jenny. And I’m a choco-holic. I come from a very long line of Mormon choco-holics. What can I say? It’s in my blood. Ever since I was about 12 years old, I was overweight. Fatty food was always a vice for me. And I never really enjoyed [...]

The Learning Myth and Why I Will Never Tell My Son He Is Smart

learning myth why I will never tell my son he is smart

My 5-year-­old son has just started reading. Every night, we lay on his bed and he reads a short book to me. Inevitably, he’ll hit a word that he has trouble with: last night the word was “gratefully.” He eventually got it after a fairly painful minute. He then said, “Dad, aren’t you glad how [...]

Do’s and Don’ts of Defending the Faith


Below are some suggestions as to how to go about defending and sharing your faith with other. Read the rest of the suggestions from Related Posts:How I Lost 40 Pounds Living the Word of Wisdom3 Shocking Secrets of the Mormon ChurchLDS Church Announces New Seminary Graduation RequirementsChipping Away at Priesthood Authority of Mormon Prophets [...]

The Real Back to School Tips for Parents


With millions of children heading back to school this week, parents across the country are stocking up on supplies, getting in touch with teachers, and setting expectations to help their kids succeed. Here are some tips for parents to help their kids prepare for going back to school: Calmly explain to your child that those [...]

School Has Finally Started!


Today was the second day of school for our cute little first grader. I can’t believe she is already so big! After only two days, this new morning routine has already been a bit of a challenge and I have had to use several “momisms” already! Get up, get dressed, eat eat EAT, brush your [...]

Mother Takes Inspiring Photos of Her Beautiful One-Handed Daughter


Editor’s Note: Having a child with Hirschsprung’s Disease ourselves, this was a very moving piece we wanted to share with everyone. This loving mother, Holly Spring, took up photography after her daughter had struggled early on in life with Hirschsprung’s Disease and no left hand. She wants to show her daughter that there are no [...]

Death of 2 Mormon missionaries in Taiwan Seems to Be Linked to Carbon Monoxide

death lds missionaries

Two LDS missionaries who died while serving in Taiwan are believed to have been killed by a carbon monoxide leak in their apartment, according to news reports in Taipei. Connor Benjamin Thredgold, 19, of Springville, and Yu Peng Xiong, 24, of Kaohsiung, Taiwan, were found dead in their apartment Saturday in New Taipei City’s Sanchong [...]

15 People You Will See At General Conference

lds general conference

We are so excited that General Conference is only a couple of months away!  If you ever get a chance to go, here are some individuals that you are likely to see. International Folk   Protestors -    The People Who Choose to Love Them Anyways   Conference Fly     1st timers     [...]

The Amazing Power of Women


As women in the church, we know how special and amazing we are. We are daughters of a King. Each of us has a divine nature. We know that we are so special that even our Heavenly Mother is kept sacred. We have a unique purpose on this Earth that makes us pretty powerful. We [...]

3 Shocking Secrets of the Mormon Church

al fox

I’m sure from the outside, I don’t seem very standard when it comes to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I’m a writer (a horror writer at the current moment), I have one child, and my house is a constant disaster. When people find out that I’m Mormon, they don’t say, “Oh, I [...]

LDS Church Announces New Seminary Graduation Requirements


New requirements for seminary graduation are meant to “elevate learning” and better prepare students for lives of service and discipleship. The changes are being implemented throughout the world beginning this school year with this year’s course of study — Doctrine and Covenants and Church History. “It fits in line with Preach My Gospel, and it [...]

Chipping Away at Priesthood Authority of Mormon Prophets to Undermine Faith


Since the beginning of time, the adversary has stirred up the hearts of those in Christ’s church against the prophets and apostles in veiled (or unveiled) criticism about their fallibility, age, or human frailties as a way of chipping away at their authority and weakening faith. Yet it’s comforting to know that despite this, Jesus [...]

Google Maps Tracking Everywhere You’ve Been

google maps tracking location

Well basically all you have to do is go to the Google maps website here and make sure you are logged in with the same google account that you use on your phone and presto! A calendar list of everywhere you have been over the past few months. Kind of cool…kind of creepy…still trying to [...]

9 Things You Don’t Want to Happen on a Sunday Morning


With all the pre-planning you do to help keep your Sunday mornings as smooth as possible, there are always things that come up, especially if you have children.  Here is our list of 9 things you don’t want to happen on a Sunday morning: Your child tells you they have to talk in Primary while you [...]

How Living the Law of Tithing Led to Becoming a Billionaire

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An amazing example of how following the principles of the Lord and having trust and faith in Him will lead you to great things, whatever they may be. Carlos Wizard Martins learned to work at an early age. His father drove a truck from town to town in Brazil selling goods and young Carlos would [...]

John F Kennedy Speaking about the Mormons


I am grateful to the presidency of the Latter Day Saints Church, and to its presiding bishopric, for according mc the privilege of speaking within the historic walls of this magnificent tabernacle. This is an honor which I shall long remember. I am honored, too, to be here with Elbert Curtis, my friend and spokesman [...]

10 Things Girls Who Aren’t Serving Missions Want You To Know

sister missionaries

Editor’s Note: Great write up on how we should withhold our judgments of those sister missionaries who have chosen not to serve. 1. We still love the Gospel. Yes, that’s right! Just because we aren’t dedicating a year and a half of our lives to solely preach the Gospel, doesn’t mean we aren’t dedicating every [...]